Social media almost killed us

Dear friend and subscriber,

Are you tired of being spoon fed garbage journalism, clickbait headlines and manipulative news stories? Had enough of feeling like a select few US tech giants are the tastemakers?

We are, and we want to do something about it.

This June, we are launching a weekly news magazine by email (I’ll tell you in a sec what you need to do to sign up). 

To make liftoff possible, we have gathered editors and writers from across Europe including some stellar names such as Saul Taylor (founding editor of Monocle Magazine). 

Every Friday our team will bring you the tightest selection of new stories, all of which we think will be worth your while. These will be presented in the Le Cool signature style; with a dedication to quality, engaging content (not just engaging headlines) and a cheeky smile.

Each issue will have a new theme — from design and entrepreneurship to culture, travel and current affairs — offering you a wide range of Euro-focused coverage. Be sure to look out for the occasional tip and life hack, too.

Le Cool has always aimed to provide you with news that makes your life easier. Today, we want to improve your life by ignoring the ocean of unnecessary and untrustworthy content and bringing you something original we know you’ll love.

Join us now - all you have to do is click here to confirm you want Le Cool news.


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