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It's that time of year, when school leavers are getting antsy about starting college, graduates are panicking about what's next, and the rest of us are trying to tell them that it really, really doesn't matter what happened before…what matters is what they do next. Say yes to opportunities, even if they are not exactly what you want to do. Don't be choosy. Life is like Lego. When you find a piece that kinda fits, just go with it. It mightn't be the right colour, but it may prove a stable foundation.

It feels like yesterday since I found a little home at Le Cool and South Studios in the summer of 2011, and now, new pastures are calling. It's been an honour and a privilege to work on this little homeslice of Dublin culture, and there are so many people to thank. I won't harp on here too much, but…

…huge thanks to Le Cool founders and pals Michael and Ciaran, who took me on as a pretty green history student who idolised Jefferson Hack. Ciaran as a mentor who basically let me wreak havoc over the issue, and Michael, as the unlikely Burton to this Taylor. The projects we've tackled in the past year have superseded even our own expectations. And we're day-dreamers, so that's saying something.

Our writers, contributing photographers, cover artists and frequent collaborators have been a source of awe and inspiration. This city is bursting with creative and imaginative people, and has been humbling to work with them. Some have worked with us for years, others for weeks, but it's been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so, so much.

And you readers. It's been a hoot. I'm sorry if there were some Debbie Downer editorials, but it's been enlightening to stand on this soapbox and talk about the issues facing our city. Thanks for reading.

Finally, thanks to Sean&Yvette, who know what they did.

Over and out, loverzzzzzzz

Who tried to make a grand exit, but fell over, Kate or Michael?

Salt Mountain

by Kate Coleman

Little Miss Sunshine

by Kate Coleman

This is Spinal Tap

by Le Cool Dublin

Marcel Dettmann

by Jack Broughan

Merrion Square Open Day

by Le Cool Dublin

Peanut Butter Wolf & Breakbeat Lou

by Gavin Paisley

The Artist and the State

by Olen Bajarias

The Great Wall

by Michael McDermott

Mistress America

by Kate Coleman

Straight Outta Compton

by Kate Coleman

By the Bog of Cats

by Zara Hedderman

David Claerbout

by Olen Bajarias

Marc Maron

by Kate Coleman


by Olen Bajarias

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