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The soundtrack of the summer is on its final groove. Daylight is shortening which can only mean the enhanced possibility of nighttime. The fleeting dreams of evenings bejewelled with the joys of 99ers and sunset dips can be swapped for the snug familiar embrace of cultural stalwarts. It's curtains up for The Fringe Festival on Monday as it turns 21 but promises to remain as exuberant, intriguing and playful as ever. And then there's some welcome perennials such as the Gallery Weekender, Culture Night, the Theatre Festival and Bram Stoker all returning and giving us every reason to seek out our own autumnal beat.

Whose kicking the leaves with glee this week Michael or Stephanie ?

David Godbold

by Aidan Kelly-Murphy

Come Here to Me

by Zara Hedderman


by Stephanie Kelly

Dinner Dialogues

By Michael McDermott


By Kate Coleman

Lee Fields and the Expressions

By Kate Coleman

Tea Fest

by Zara Hedderman

Pure Vintage Fair

By Stephanie Kelly

45 Years

by Olen Bajarias

Portraits of the Invisible: The Irish in WW1

by Zara Hedderman

Saint Etienne

By Jarlath Gregory

Ireland at the Movies

by Zara Hedderman

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine

by U:mack

Cartel Land

by Olen Bajarias

We spoke to Michael Reddy and Pieter Reid, the founders of Native Blenders, about their innovative cocktail craft and enlighten us about their exciting plans for future endeavours.

How did you first come to start Native Blenders?

Mick: The idea first came while working in a cafe in Norway. There was an incredible organic juice from Denmark that was delicious with whiskey. The market in Ireland was still caught up in fat frogs, slippery nipples and pina colada so put it on the back burner.

I met Pieter while turning U Bar into The Little Green cafe. Pieter instantly impressed me with his knowledge and palate for flavours. After launching Little Green Cafe, we then moved onto Generator hostel to introduce a new food and beverage concept that focused on supporting Irish craft producers.

We then went on to work for Teeling Whiskey to help the lads launch into the domestic market. While we were with Teeling's we were out in the market quite a lot so were direct contact with Bar & Restaurant staff throughout the country.

Pieter was tasked with developing high volume serving suggestions for events such as Bloom, taste of Dublin and Craft beer festival.

With the surge in interest in craft beers and spirits this is when Pieter spotted the gap for batched bottle cocktails in Ireland.

Can you explain batch cocktails for us?

Pieter: Batching cocktails involves making a large quantity of cocktails in one go rather then preparing each cocktail individually. This results in a more consistent product and an ability for more bars, clubs and restaurants to serve craft cocktails.

Pieter: By batching in Newmarket Kitchen I can measure ingredients down to the smallest percentage, it enables us to achieve a well-balanced cocktail with better accuracy.

In busy bars, nightclubs and events we can eliminate the waiting time caused by complicated and elaborate cocktails and mixed drinks.

You'll also have a food offering – can you tell us a little about that?

Pieter: I grew up in a house surrounded by food. My parents had a deli on Dame st. in my youth. My mum is from Holland and has her own catering company. My dad is a chef and ran our family meat factory until they opened the deli. Fun fact is my granddad brought the wimpy chain to Ireland.

Mick: We plan to collaborate with our fellow Newmarket Kitchen producers to develop a food offering that we pair with Pieter's creations. I see this collaborative approach to our menu will elevate these hard working producers.

there certain kinds of drinks the method really suits?

Pieter: I would feel the best cocktails for this method are the spirit based aperitif style drinks such as Negroni's, Manhattan's and Old fashioned's. The spirits really do start to marry as they rest in the bottles giving a much more rounded finish.

I plan to develop a barrell aged cocktail programme which I am very excited about.

What has the biggest hit been so far at Blend Inn?

Pieter: I think it's probably been the 'Turf War'. It's certainly not a cocktail for everybody, it uses a combination of Connemara Peated Single Malt and Pedro Ximenez Sherry.

It gives a real pungent aroma's of peat smoke followed by a finish of nutty, raisin sweetness.

Mick: for me it was when our parents popped in to see what we are doing.

You've chosen a neighbourhood local as the venue for Blend Inn – do you see a trend towards quality cocktails in non-traditional cocktail spots?

Yes we would like to see more places where you can buy a pint or a really good old fashioned.
This is great opportunity to introduce more people to the world of cocktails and breaking away from a stigma of drinks for the elite.

Mick: Geoff and Moira in the Headline have been central to the Irish craft beer revolution so we are very grateful to get the opportunity to test out our product there.

What is the best cocktail you've ever tasted?

I was In KOH on Jervis Street recently where I had two excellent cocktails the "Bog Warrior" and a Barrel rested "Tipperary." I think both these cocktails are outstanding.

What booze trends should we be looking out for?

I think there will be a lot more small batch products such as bitters and independent distilleries.I would also like to see some session cocktails, like the session IPA beers that give all the strong hoppy aromas of a high ABV beer but with a lower ABV. I think it would be great to make a Manhattan with all the peppery spicy aromas of the rye but with a lower ABV.

You're looking to sell the cocktails on trade – internationally, what would be the dream bar to be stocked in?

Pieter: Yes our plan is to provide a range of cocktails for all the craft beers bars and pubs. We are both fans of Manchester Northern Quarter.

Mick: Does Panorama bar count?

Photo Credit: John Scully

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