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Almost 4 years ago, we had the good fortune to hang out with our friends and contributors Mr & Mrs Stevens in New York. We got to soak up some October rays and unearth amazing food haunts that they had squirrelled into their extensive culinary notebook many months in advance. On this trip, we also happened upon posters for the Tompkins Square Halloween Parade where the dogs of New York get their chance to shine. Being avid dog lovers and aficionados of the Big Apple, Mr & Mrs were naturally well aware of this gathering.

Together we've toyed with the idea about how best bring together a community of dog lovers in the city since then. But first we needed the keys to the city from Peter O'Brien and his Happenings pals who work so closely with DCC and other parties to provide fun and cheap alternatives during those sun-kissed days of summer!

And so The Doggie Do was born. Our friends and supporters assisted us through fundit and now we are jingle-jangled with nerves on the eve of its inaugural outing. We have great hopes and plans. We've strived to ensure there's an imaginative, creative and informative aspect to the event. We hope you can turn up and support our dreams, make some new human and canine friends and celebrate the crowning of the first ever Dog of Dublin.

Who wants you to throw this pup a bone this week? Michael or Stephanie?


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